Tesla Model 3 Defintley Out There Now

Tesla previously confirms that they did not have any Tesla Model 3 test unit out on the road last year and fans were worried that Tesla would not be able to test and fix the Model 3 in time for the 2017 release but it looks like Tesla has it all under control.

Spies have spotted the Tesla Model 3 getting tested out in the open. They did not bother to cover up the vehicle so the design for there for the world to see. Based on what we can see in the images, it looks almost identical to the one Tesla showed us when they first announced the model.

Tesla is confident that the production will start this year and that some fo their customers will be able to get their hands on the Tesla Model 3 this year. A lot of people were not sure if Tesla was going to make it this year but from what we can see, a 2017 arrival might actually happen.

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