Tesla Model 3: Cutting It Too Close

After the announcement that Tesla made this year, we are all assuming that some owners will be getting their hands on their Tesla Model 3 this year but the latest information suggests that things might be as bright and sunny like Tesla wants us to believe.

It was reported that Tesla revealed to the feds that as of last year, they had not put out any beta test car for the Tesla Model 3. Many now believe that the first beta test units might come from the last production which started on the 20th of February.

We know that Tesla will be starting their actual production this July. With only a few months to test and fix, some people are worried that Tesla might be cutting it too close and that they will end up missing a few important issues when the Tesla Model 3 goes into production this July.

Others think that Tesla will not be meeting the deadlines that they have set so far and that owners should be prepared to wait a little longer.

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