Tesla Autopiloted It’s Way To Safety

The Tesla autopilot system has been criticized for not being able to protect the driver and passengers more than a few times now. The two cases where the Autopilot seems to have failed did not help soothe their customers as well but the new video seen below showed that the Tesla Autopilot system does work to keep the driver safe from harm.

The video was taken from the dashcam of a Tesla driver, in the video, it is clear that the Autopilot system managed to detect the accident up ahead and react in time to make sure the driver does not collide with the SUV in front.

Not only did the system save the life of the driver but it also made sure no extra damage was done to the crashed SUV up ahead. Of course, the system is not perfect yet but according to Elon Musk, their Autopilot makes driving a lot safer.

Check out the video here and see the Autopilot system in action.

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