Suzuki Swift Goes Topless, Looking Good!

Some people were expecting to see the Suzuki Swift get a hot version to compete with models like the Renault Clio RS or the Opel Corsa OPC but artist X-Tomi has some other things in mind.

Instead of creating a rendering for a sportier version of the Suzuki Swift, the artist created a Suzuki Swift Convertible. The top has been removed and in its place is a soft top. The rear doors were removed as well.

Of course, we don’t think we will ever see this on the road in the future but it is nice to see that the Swift could actually look great without its top.

Although we won’t be seeing any convertible, we will be seeing a new Swift Hatch from Suzuki. The new model will be release in Japan next month. Powering it is a 1.2-liter inline four engine. There is also a hybrid option and a sporty RSt model. Protection Status