Subaru BRZ tS Heading Our Way, Nothing Worth Getting Excited Over

If you want to drive a standard BRZ could be offered the Subaru BRZ tS here in the US soon but is it really worth getting excited over.

The Subaru BRZ tS was offered in Japan first so we all know what it will most likely come with when it arrives. Subaru did not announce that it was going to come to the US but new reports are now saying that Subaru has just filed a trademark application for “BRZ tS” leading many to believe that a Subaru BRZ tS might be heading our way.

The reason was because Subaru filed for the trademark in Japan last year. If this was just a case of protecting the nameplate, they could have done it last year. The fact that they choose to do it now could mean more.

The Japan model came fitted with a few STI parts including the rear damper, coil springs, front suspension, lateral link with pillow ball bushing, flexible draw stiffener, flexible V-shaped bar and more. It was also fitted with a set of 17inch Brembo disks.

As nice as those sound, the customers seems to be unhappy about the fact that Subaru has no plans to upgrade the powertrain of the BRZ tS.

Of course, we do not know if it is really on its way or if it is going to get the same upgrade as Japan so take it with a pinch of salt. Protection Status