Subaru BRZ Gets An STi Makeover

There was talk about the BRZ possibly getting an STI badge in the future as Subaru has already hinted that they are looking to expand their STi lineup. While they never did confirm whether the BRZ is going to be part of the plan or not, the fans believe that it will.

If the Subaru BRZ does get an STi upgrade, do you think this is how it is going to look like? The vehicle in the image is the Subaru BRZ STi Sports Concept that Subaru will be showing off at the Tokyo Auto Salon, their version of the SEMA Show. The vehicle will be fitted with new aero parts, dark red interior, as well as a set of black multi spoke 18inch wheels.

Of course, this will not be the only Subaru model on display. Subaru will be showing off the WRX S4 STi concept model as well as the Levorg STi Sport and Impreza G4.

The event will start on the 13th of January and will last until the 15th of January. Protection Status