Sony Playstation VR Dominating The Market

Sony might be last among its rivals to come out with a VR headset of their own but it is clear that being late is not always the worst.

SuperData has just reported that Sony has managed to ship a total of 745,000 units of their Playstation VR. That doubles the amount Oculus has sold. The report also reveals that Oculus only sold 355,000 units of their Oculus Rift while HTC sold a total of 420,000 of their HTC Vive.

It is amazing to see Sony being ahead by such a large margin especially when we know that the other two VR headset came in much earlier than the Sony Playstation VR.

Some people are saying that the reason why the Sony PlayStation VR is doing so well right now is because the Sony Playstation VR is the most affordable model of them all. With a $399 price tag, the PlayStation VR certainly looks more appealing than the Vive and Rift.

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