Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Version & Neo Not The Complete Story

We know that Sony will be announcing something on the 7th of September. It was initially predicted that they will be announcing the new Sony Playstation Neo but it was later pointed out that they could also be announcing the slim version of the Sony Playstation 4 after images of the slim version were leaked online.

Now, new rumors are suggesting that besides the Playstation Neo and Playstation 4 Slim version, Sony might also be announcing a new PSP like device as well. This rumor started after a Foxconn worker reveal that they are working on a new handheld device.

He did not specifically say the brand of the device so it could be anything. In fact, it could even be the upcoming Nintendo NX console although the worker did say that it was a new PSP-like device.

At this point, we do not know what to make of this leak yet but some fans seem to think that it could be a remote play device. What do you think?

Steven Estevez

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