Should iPhone 5S Users Upgrade To iPhone 6 Or Await 7?

Last two Septembers ago, Apple launched the all-new iPhone 5S and it was regarded as a revolutionary device from the Cupertino-based company. Then again, the same description was applied for the iPhone 6 which was launched in last September.

Now, it seems that iPhone 5S users are facing a problem on whether they should upgrade to the brand new smartphone or wait until the future iPhone 7 to get released. To understand this, one needs to know on how big the difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.

In terms of display, the 5S comes with a smaller 4” screen while the 6 comes with a 4.7” screen. While both devices might come with a similar shape, design and material, it is the iPhone 6 that offers better grip due to the more rounded edges and slim size. Also, the iPhone 6 comes with Reachability feature which downsize the apps to the bottom half of the screen for easier reach.

Looking at the resolution, the 4” screen on the 5S runs on 1,136x640p resolution while the 4.7” screen on the iPhone 6 runs on 1,334x750p resolution. While there is a difference in resolution, both devices shares the same pixel density of 326ppi.

Then there is the chipset comparison. Being older, the iPhone 5S is powered by the Apple A7 processor. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 runs on a 64-bit A8 processor which is newer. Apple has already revealed that the latter performs 25% faster and offers 50% better graphics than the A7 chipset.

When it comes to battery life, the iPhone 5S is able to last longer than the iPhone 6 with benchmark test recording 14hours and 31minutes of continuous video playback. The iPhone 6, on the other hand, lasted 12hours and 58minutes.

The iPhone 5S is offered with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal storage space. The iPhone 6 comes with 16GB, 32GB and 128GB of storage space.

Based on the above comparison, we find that the differences between the two devices are not that huge. As such, it is best to start saving now for the iPhone 7 which is expected to arrive in September this year.

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