Fallout 4 & Half Life 3: Announcement Is On The Cards

Both Fallout and Half Life fans have one thing in common and that is patience. This is because both set of fans have been waiting so long for the next sequel to get released, or even announced by Bethesda and Valve respectively.

In detail, Half Life fans have been waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3 whereas Fallout fans have been waiting 7 years for Bethesda to share anything on Fallout 4. Those that view this as something ridiculous clearly haven’t played either series at all.

Even the numbers don’t lie when they say that the Half Life franchise is one of the most profitable gaming brands in the world. The similar can be applied on the Fallout franchise too.

If Half Life 3 gets released, it will surely be the bestselling FPS title in a long time. If Fallout 4 gets released, there is no doubting it as the best post-apocalyptic title in the world.

Then again, it is unfortunate that both Valve and Bethesda chose to be all secretive on the highly anticipated titles. Even so, both Half Life 3 and Fallout 4 will get released indefinitely.

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