Shadow Of Mordor 2: What’s The Deal?

Fans of the first Shadow of Mordor game were ecstatic that the Shadow of Mordor was going to get a sequel when the game was spotted on LinkedIn.

The rumor started after the game, Shadow of Mordor 2 was listed as one of the past jobs of stunt actress Lauren Mary Kim. The existence of the game in the resume suggest that Warners Bros might be working on a new game set in the Lord of the Ring universe.

No confirmation was made after that but there were already rumors about the game being announced at E3 2016. Well, we have already seen and heard all the games and no Shadow of Mordor 2 were mentions. So what’s the deal with it?

So far, nothing has been announced or leaked and some are saying that the whole resume incident might be a hoax or maybe Warner Bros just wasn’t ready to show it off just yet.

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