Shadow of Mordor 2: The Fans Have Spoken

The Shadow of Mordor game was a success but it was far from being perfect. Although we do not know if there will be a sequel to the game or not, here are some of the things the fans would like to see if a sequel were to be made.

The first Shadow of Mordor game introduced us to the Nemesis system and while we liked what it had to offer in the beginning, things started to get a little repetitive in the end. If they were to bring the system back this time, maybe they should add a few more features to spice it up.

Some players were also not too happy about the boss fight at the end. No matter how well you trained before the fight, it will not matter at the end since they’ve already planned out the whole sequence for you. All you need to do is mash the button when they asked you to and you are good to go. Fans are hoping that the game would end with an epic boss fight in the sequel.

People started talking about a sequel ever since the game was release but what really fueled the flames was the resume of a stunt actress. She listed Shadow of Mordor 2 as one of her past job leading many to believe that it is already being developed.

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