BMW M3 Truck: BMW Wants To Take Their Own Joke Seriously

A few years ago, BMW came out with an April’s Fool Joke where they announce that their new BMW M3 pickup truck was coming. They added that the pickup could deliver about 420hp and has a towing capacity of 1000pounds.

Well, we all know that it was a joke and nobody really thinks that a BMW truck was going to happen but it looks like BMW might take their own joke seriously now as they hint that a truck might be in their future.

When talking to Motoring, Marc Werner, the Australian Marketing Manager reveals that they are not saying never to pickup trucks and that they are watching the market. They also added that it is easier for their rivals like Audi and Mercedes to pump out a pickup truck and that it is a little harder for them but they will watch and see how their rival does before making a decision.

Would you like to see a BMW pickup truck?

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