Sony Shedding Some Light On Playstation Neo Real Soon

We all know that Sony is currently working on the new Playstation 4 Neo since they have already confirmed it but they have not announced it yet so there is really not a whole lot of details about the Playstation 4 Neo right now. However, it looks like we will be hearing more about the game soon as new reports seem to suggest that the console will be announced soon.

The upgraded PlayStation 4 Neo will be coming in with an upgrade CPU, GPU, RAM and a better system. The Neo will not be replacing the older model but will be sold alongside the older model.

According to Gameblog, Sony plans to reveal their new Playstation Neo in September at an event in New York. The show is said to be a technical showcase of the console which means we could be hearing more about how this new Neo differs from the standard model. The event will be happening on the 7th of September this year.

Steven Estevez

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