Shadow of Mordor 2: Leaks Mean Nothing Now

The fans of the Shadow of Mordor game got excited when it was reported that the sequel of the game was listed on the resume of a stunt actress. The resume was later taken down but most people have already heard about the leak and believe that there will be a sequel in the making.

Since then, fans have been waiting for Monolith to announce the sequel but no such announcement was ever made. In fact, there seems to be so little information out there that some of us are starting to believe that the resume was actually a hoax.

The ending of the game does suggest that there could be a sequel and the developers did hint that they wanted to do more with the Nemesis system in the future but nobody has really confirmed that te sequel was going to happen.

If Monolith does decide to work on a new sequel for the game, the fans are hoping that maybe in the new game, they would be able to travel outside of Mordor. Protection Status