Sea of Thieves Will Have Trouble Making People Stay

We have seen this happening to a few games now. The game will usually start out great but things will quickly go downhill from there as fans slowly lose interest in the game. One of the reasons why people seems to be losing interest in the game fast is because it lacks content or because the content is just too repetitive.

The developers of upcoming game Sea of Thieves was at Gamescom 2016 where they showed off a 12-minute Gameplay footage of the game. Honestly, the game does look great. Crewing a ship with your friends and battling in the sea sounds fun and all but will it last.

We think that most people would get bored of it really soon is that is all we got to do in the game. The trailer does hint that there might be more things to do in the game like fighting sea monster and finding treasures but the developers have not mentioned anything about that yet.

Some players were also concern that the game would be ruined by teammates that refuse to cooperate. Will the developers be adding any features to encourage their players to communicate with each other?

Check out the gameplay trailer video below.

Steven Estevez

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