Say Hello To The HTC Butterfly 2 (B2)

The HTC Butterfly is about to be set free in Asian markets at long last. A Twitter spy by the name of LlabToofeR says that the HTC Butterfly 2, which is also known as the B2, is going to launch in Japan.

It is thought that the device will also launch in Taiwan and Hong Kong along with other select markets in Asia. It hasn’t been said whether we will see the handset in North America or Europe.

While there hasn’t been any specific mention of it being released in India, the probability is high that it will be as the predecessor was last year.

It was also revealed that the device will come with specs that are very much like the HTC One M8 and it should keep the glossy black case. At the moment we don’t know if the device will have the dual camera from the HTC One M8.

A leaked photo showed the device from the front and revealed two speaker grilles at top and bottom along with a camera on the top right hand side of the phone. The design does look a lot like the predecessor, with the camera having switched sides.

If the Butterfly 2 comes with a dual camera then it could mean that the HTC One M8 would lose some of the charm. For now we are waiting for HTC to make an announcement. The predecessor came out in June, which means that we could have to wait until then to see the new handset launch.

It has also been said that HTC are working on the HTC One Mini, which will come with features that are stripped down. It would have a plastic back and the same specs, including the camera from the HTC One M8. Protection Status