Touareg & Tiguan May Look Bland Next To VW’s New SUV

It won’t be a major reconstruction for the future Beetle as it will be based on the MkVI Volkswagen Golf. As such, the Beetle will have that new MQB vehicle architecture to it.

The Beetle will also be getting plenty of new variants as Volkswagen plans to do something similar to what MINI did with its Cooper. The other Beetle is going to be sportier than ever with a 296BHP cabriolet coming as well.

Then there is the Camper. It has been so long since this line of vehicles got a successor and soon, the wait will be over. As seen on the Geneva Motor Show back in 2011, the Camper will still bear that classic look like the Kombis. However, Volkswagen promises that everything under the hood will be up-to-date technology. There will be a choice of either the 1.0 litre engine or the 4-wheel drive.

The downside is that the VW Camper will only come once the Beetle is released in 2019. It is still a long way to go but at least there is something worth looking forward to.

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