Samsung Galaxy X: Forget About Curved Edges

We were all hoping that Samsung would reveal their new Samsung Galaxy S8 at the MWC but we know now that that is not going to happen. However, it looks like Samsung will have something even more impressive to show off at the event this year.

There were talks about Sausage might reveal their new mid-range smartphone at the event by new reports are now saying that they might also unveil the new devices called the Samsung Galaxy X1a nd Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus.

It is believed that these new X series will be the prototypes for the new foldable Samsung that something has been working on this few years. It is said that one of the devices will come as a 5inch smartphone but will open up to become an 8-inch tablet.

Samsung has not denied or confirmed the rumors so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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