Samsung Galaxy X Could Surprise With MWC 2017 Debut

We still do not know what Samsung is planning to offer at MWC this year since they made it clear that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not going to be announced at the event. There was talk about them showing off a new Windows 10 powered tablet but some reports are also suggesting that we might see a new foldable smartphone from Samsung called the Samsung Galaxy X.

We know Samsung have been making some progress when it comes to their flexible display and rumors about them working on a device with a foldable screen have been going on for some time now but whether it will make it to MWC this year or not is a whole other story.

There are currently two speculation about the foldable device. One suggesting that the device will come with a hinge allowing us to fold the smartphone without bending the display.

Another speculation suggesting that the device will come with a slight bumper at the end so that users can close the phone without actually folding it flat. This way, the screen will only bend and not get folded.

We do not know how Samsung is going to make it work but it will be an exciting week if they can pull it off. It is believed that Samsung is not the only one working on a foldable smartphone right now as we might also see one from LG as well.

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