Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Hog Mobile Payment Platform

Samsung’s Mobile Payment Platform has been around for some time now but the feature was only offered on the premium models. However, that will change soon as Mashable reports that the Samsung Pay feature will now be featured on the Samsung Galaxy J Series as well.

It has been reported that the update will be release in India first and that only a limited amount of users will be getting it. Samsung probably wants to test the water first before diving in.

Since most of the lower range smartphone does not come with a fingerprint sensor, those looking to use the Samsung Pay feature will most likely have to key in a pin before they pay. That is less secure than a fingerprint sensor but that is the only solution for now.

We don’t know when this update will arrive but it is interesting to see Samsung making the first move to ensure that the other users get to enjoy the electronic payment solution as well.

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