Samsung Galaxy S8: This Could Be It

We are still waiting for Samsung to reveal the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and while they are not saying anything about their upcoming flagship right now, Samsung did show us the upgraded version of the AMOLED screen and some people believe that the video might have clues about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new AMOLED screen was showed off based on a device. It could just a random prototype device but some poeple seems to think that it might be a Samsung Galaxy S8 prototype.

It is believed that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming in with an extremely thin bezel.It is also believed that Samsung might do away with the home button. Both those features were seen on the prototype leading many to believe that this could be the S8.

We do not know if the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look anything like the device seen here but we will probably be getting our answer next month when Samsung announce it an MWC.

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