Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge To Be More Powerful Than S8?

All eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it is crucial that Samsung gets this one right if they want to gain back the trust of their fans after the huge Note 7 blunder. We still do not know much about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 but it is believed that Samsung might be offering the S8 with a standard processor while the S8 Edge gets a more high-end processor.

This rumor started after Sammobile published some new details about the Samsung chips. Acording to twwet, Samsung will have to Exynos 8895 processor, 8895M and a 8895V processor.

Nobody knows why Samsung has no many processors ready but some specualted that th S8 Edge might be getting the better processor. Others think that it is just for differnet market.

We will only know for sure when Samsung reveals the device next year. It is said that Samsung will be taking their time with the debut and that the S8 will only be announce in April next year. Protection Status