Samsung Galaxy S8 Caught Red-Handed With Nougat!

We are still waiting for Samsung to tell us more about the Samsung Galaxy S8 but so far, the only thing that they are interested in talking about is the steps they are taking to ensure that the device is safe.

The rumors have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming with a new bezeless design and that we might see them remove the home button. While is it nice to hear about the hardware, fans would also like to know if the Samsung Galaxy S8 was going to come with the latest Nougat or not.

New reports are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be coming with the Android Nougat as it is said that they have already started testing the Android 7.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

If that is the case, will we be getting the standard 7.0 version or the latest 7.1.1? The Samsung Galaxy S7 was only given the 7.0 recently.

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