Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: What’s Coming Our Way?

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: What’s Coming

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: What’s Coming Our Way?

These two giants among smartphone makers are always compared to each other, however Apple hasn’t launched the iPhone yet, but it was said to be coming out very soon. When it arrives it could have a larger IGZO retina display.

The phone is thought to be coming with big improvements to the home button and we may see gesture controls.

The Apple iPhone will have improvements made to the display size along with the speed and if rumours are to be believed it may arrive with the 5.7 inch borderless display. Apple will want to make the most of the resolution and space. It has been suggested that the new iPhone may have a stronger body made from aluminium and the battery life will be longer.

The last iPhone launched offered a camera of 8MP and this time there could be major improvements.

It has been said that Samsung will launch a camera of 20MP when they reveal the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Next Titanfall DLC Rumored Release Date

Next Titanfall DLC Rumours For Release Date

One of the best games to be revealed this year is Titanfall and it did manage to live up to all the hype that had surrounded the game. However now it is looking as though there is going to be more to the game as Respawn said that they are launching some DLCs.

The developer promised that three DLCs would be coming out and they would bring more maps to Titanfall. The DLCs are expected to have price tags of $10; however those with a season pass could get them for $25.

The community manager at Respawn said that the DLC would come with a lot more than maps. Artwork monsters are coming our way. This would need a lot of hard work to make sure that they balance with the game.

Vince Zampella said that gamers would not have to pay for anything that is considered to be core to the game. This means that the private match would not be charged for when it comes out.

Titanfall has been a great game, but one thing that is missing is the free for all mode. We do think that at some point in time, Respawn will add it on.

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