Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Users Cut Off From The World

If you are one of the many users that have insisted on keeping the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Australia, you might want to get a secondary phone now because Samsung is shutting down all cellular access to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Australia.

Samsung has been trying to get their users to return them the risky Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They’ve tried compensating, replacements and more and some users are still holding on to the device and Samsung have had enough of it.

Besides installing a software to limit the battery of the device, Samsung has now announced that they will also be shutting down the cellular access of the device making it completely useless.

Their new plan will start on the 15th of December and they are hoping that with this new measure, the remaining users will come forward and return them the device although we are sure that some people out there will keep it just for the sake of it.

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