Samsung Galaxy Note 7 USB-C Upgrade Confirmed?

There have long been rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming in with a USB-C port instead of the standard microUSB and it looks like we might have our first real proof.

The latest leak comes by who uploaded a video online showing off what many believe is the USB-C cord for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Not only does the design of the cord matches the cord from the Galaxy devices but the box number EP-DN930CWE also matches the model number of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to come with a long list of upgrades including the new Iris scanner as well as the upgraded S Pen. There were also talks about the device coming in with 6GB RAM but some of the latest reports seem to suggest that it will only come with 4GB RAM.

More details will be reveal when Samsung announces the device early next month.

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