2016 Mazda 6 GT: The Perfect Example Of Ageing Gracefully

The thing about most vehicles is that they will start to look dated within a few years but not Mazda and their Mazda 6 GT.

The Mazda 6 GT have been around for some time now which means it should start looking a little old and dated but some fans still consider the Mazda 6 GT as one of the best-looking models in the market right now.

Thanks to its stylish yet not too over the top design and attention grabbing features like the signature grille illumination. power glass sunroof, rear spoiler, painted alloy wheels and more, the Mazda 6 GT manage to stay relevant despite already being around for a few years.

The Mazda 6 GT will be powered by a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that will be mated to a six-speed manual. The engine will be offering about 184hp and will return about 26mpg in the city and 38mpg on the highway.

The vehicle will also be fitted with a long list of features like hands-free entry, rearview camera, sports front seat, multi-level heating driver seat, leather seat and more.


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