Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunch Delay, Customers To Blame

Samsung has been scrambling around trying to get the whole exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 under control but it looks like things are still not going as smoothly as they were hoping to.

It has just been announced that the relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea will be delayed. It is believed the delay was caused by the owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 .

Samsung’s plan was to have all the 2.5 million unit replaced with a new unit before they relaunch the device. The exchange program started about a week ago and up until now, only half of the devices were returned.

Some fans are already speculating that the next Samsung Galaxy S8 could be coming in with a removable battery once more after this blunder. It would have been much easier to fix if the Note 7 came with a removable battery.

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