Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Clearing Things Up

Samsung promise that they will give their fans an answer as to why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exploding and overheating and now we have the answers.

According to Samsung, there were not one but two issues that lead to the battery malfunctioning in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung clarifies that here were nothing wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 itself but explain that the original battery and the replacement battery both had separate issues leading to the cancellation of the Note 7.

It is reported that the first batch of battery had a design flaw that causes the electrodes to bend. This led to a breakdown in the separation between the positive and negative tabs. The result was a short circuit and in some cases overheating and exploding.

Samsung then worked on getting a replacement battery but a welding defect causes the battery to short circuit again. Samsung also reveals their future plans to make sure their battery is safe.

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