Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Better Not Skip On Screen Protection

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with a Gorilla Glass 5 but that does not mean that you can forget about getting a screen protector it. The new Gorilla Glass 5 will ensure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does not shatter but you give want to get that screen protected if you want the screen to be scratch free.

JerryRigEverything has just posted a video showing how tough the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its Gorilla Glass 5. In the end, he concluded that the Note 7 glass only scored a level 3 on the hardness scale. The last Note 5 manage to hang in there until level 6.

At level 3, keys and other metals in your pocket could easily damage the screen so you might want to get it protected. Even though it won’t shatter that easily it will scratch easily.

You can check out the video here and see for yourself.

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