Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Apple Sees The Fruits Of This Failure

With Samsung being the biggest threat to Apple, it does not come as a surprise that Apple managed to rise to the top last year. After what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a drop in Samsung’s profit was to be expected along with Apple’s win.

The winner for the Global Smartphone Profit has been announced and as expected, Apple was in the lead with 79.2% profit. Samsung got second with their 14.6%. One of the reasons why Apple’s profit is that high is because of the high price of their device.

Despite offering their devices at a ridiculous price, their customers continue to come back year after year. Samsung, on the other hand, has a lower profit margin so even if they sell as much as Apple, they will never come close to what Apple is gaining in terms of profit.

With Samsung now gearing up to release the new Samsung Galaxy S8, will 2017 be a better year for the Korean manufacturer?

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