Rocket League: DLC Too Hot To Handle

Fans of the Rocket League game will be happy to know that there will be new DLC coming for the game and that the DLC will have something to do with a classic.

Psyonix announces that Rocket League will be getting two new unique cars are its DLC, the cars will be the classics Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III from Hot Wheels. It made sense that Rocket League would work with Hot Wheels and we can’t wait to see these two vehicles battle it out on the field.

The new vehicle will be arriving on the 21st of February. If you are planning to get them, each model will cost $1.99. Psyonix also announces that they will be offering some Hot Wheels Loot as well. Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper along with Tr4easure Hunt Flag and Shark Bite Topper will be including in the loots so you can still enjoy some Hot Wheels even if you don’t get the two vehicles.

Who’s excited?

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