Resident Evil 7 Wants You To Look Closer & Imagine

The new Resident Evil 7 game is just months away and the developers are making sure that they keep the hype up although we don’t think the hype will ever drop for Resident Evil 7. Capcom has released two new gameplay trailer for the game giving us a better idea of what the actual game will be like.

The first trailer is called “A Closer Look” where we get to see how the player is able to interact with the items in the game. Players can pick it up, rotate them and see what it is about almost like Uncharted 4. Some players noted that the game does not seem to pause when you are looking at the object so you might not want to look at them for too long.

The second gameplay trailer is called Imagination and it looks like some sort of puzzle solving quest. Check out both of those trailers below. Protection Status