Resident Evil 7 Release On Track Now?

The Resident Evil series was once at the peak of a mountain before it went tumbling down ever since Resident Evil 4 got released. Capcom has been guilty for trying to revamp the way Resident Evil is played and while some new features are undeniably great, the gameplay experience has been rather lacklustre.

The latest Resident Evil 6 was clear example why there isn’t any excitement for the franchise any longer. The storyline has been rather dull and being forced into multiplayer is not what the fans wanted. This involves both the old fans and the new ones altogether. Everything simply seems to be falling apart following the departure of creative visionary, Shinji Mikami.

Nevertheless, Capcom has put its ego aside and opened up their ears to hear what the fans have to say about Resident Evil. It seems that the upcoming Resident Evil 7 will finally be how the fans want it to be with Capcom giving the Resident Evil community a chance to be part of the development.

This was done earlier this week when the game developer requested for the fans to share their favourite memory of the entire Resident Evil Saga. It was a unanimous decision from the fans who voted for Resident Evil 2 to be the best title out of the entire saga. Of course, that is not to say the new features are bad. In fact, they can still come into Resident Evil 7.

It seems that the important thing is with the storyline and genre. An action game can be fun but it ruins Resident Evil’s identity for being a horror factory. With Capcom finally taking the fans opinion into account, we might just see Resident Evil 7 reviving the entire franchise in the future. Protection Status