Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Set For October With 4GB RAM, 64-Bit Processor?

Samsung is certainly hogging on the spotlight at the moment following the unveiling of the Galaxy S5. Some fans have been rather disappointed after Samsung denied all the rumours on the Galaxy S5 having a premium variant. However, the company did confirm that Note 4 will be coming this year.

This upcoming phablet will do what the Galaxy S5 has failed to do. The Note 4 will revolutionize Samsung’s gadgets as it is expected to fill in the blanks for the company. Word has it that the Note 4 will be the first Samsung smartphone to run on the brand new 64-bit Exynos octa-core processor.

On top of that, almost every rumour suggests that the Note 4 will be the first smartphone to have 4GB of RAM. With such a spec, having a 2K screen will not be impossible for this half-tab, half-phone.

Finally is the casing. The Samsung Note 4 is dubbed to be the premium smartphone everyone has been talking about. Since the rumours failed to materialize for the Galaxy S5, expect it to be referring to the Note 4. If so, then this upcoming phablet will definitely have a premium metallic casing instead of the typical plastic by Samsung.

Of course, having all these perks will force a larger price tag on the Note 4. Nevertheless, that is the price consumers are willing to pay if the Note 4 ticks each and every box.

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