Resident Evil 7 Got All Sense Covered

As if playing the game in VR mode is not intensive enough, Capcom wants to make sure the players feels like they have been transported into the Baker’s house by releasing a new Resident Evil 7 candle.

If you have seen the trailer or the demo, you would know that the game is all about the gore and blood. Well, to make sure the player feels like they are really walking in blood, Capcom went and release a new blood scented candle for the game to burn when you play the new Resident Evil 7.

According to the description, the candle will also have the scent of leather and old timber as well. Everything you need to convince your brain that you are no longer in our living room.

We are not sure lighting a candle went you will be wearing a VR headset and waving our hands in the air in a safe way to play the game. Protection Status