Resident Evil 4 To Jump Onboard Switch Train?

Nintendo has been keeping a tight lid on the list of games that will run on their Nintendo Switch console. Of all the games that have been speculated, it seems like the one that the fans wants to see the most is the Resident Evil 4.

The game has been made available on most of the consoles out there and it is hard to imagine that the Nintendo Switch will not be getting one as well. It will be interesting to see the game make it to the Switch since it will also mean that this will be the first time the Resident Evil 4 will be played on a handheld device due to the hybrid nature of the console.

If Capcom does decide to offer the Resident Evil 4 on Switch, when do you think if will arrive? Well, we know that they are busy working on the Resident Evil 7 right now and will continue to focus on the new installment for some time.

If we have to guess, we think it should be arriving before 2017 ends.

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