Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Do Better Than New RE7 Game

The new Resident Evil 7 game have been getting a lot of attention ever since Capcom started releasing the trailers and demo for the game. Most people believe that one of the reasons why RE7 has gotten so much attention was because it was so similar to P.T. Because that game was canceled, the RE7 felt like the best replacement and people just can’t wait to get their hands one the game.

However, the real Resident Evil fans said that they are not looking forward to the RE7 game. Instead, they are looking forward to playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake game. News about the Remake have been scarce but that does not mean that the fans are not waiting for it to come out.

There were rumors saying that Capcom might release a demo of Resident Evil 2 Remake alongside the new Resident Evil 7 game. The new game will be arriving in January so if the rumor is true, we might be able to see what the Resident Evil 2 Remake will look like soon. Protection Status