Resident Evil 2 Remake: Let The Fans Choose

Balancing between pleasing the old fans of the game and the new fans is going to be tricky for Capcom especially when it comes to games like the Resident Evil 2 Remake. The game is fairly old and the gaming industry has changed a lot since then. What worked in the past might not work with the new generation of games but Capcom will still want to please the original fans as well.

One thing that got a lot of people worried was the camera angle of the game. There was talk about Capcom thinking about changing it up so that fans can enjoy the game in third person view but the die hard fans are saying that it would ruin the game.

If Capcom kept the game in first person view, will the new fans be interested in playing it? Well, to make sure both parties are happy, the best solution right now would be to offer both options. We have seen more than a few games offer both options so it is definitely something that Capcom can do.

With that, fans can decide on their own if they would like to play using the first person or third person view. Protection Status