PS4: Is It Best To Keep It In Standing Or Sleeping Position?

When buying a new console like the PS4 you have a choice to make when it comes to positioning it. Should you have it vertical or horizontal?

The PS4 has been designed to be stood both ways, just like the PS2 and PS3 pointed out JustPushStart. Of course this is just down to how you prefer to have your console, or where you are siting it. But there are some pros and cons to both of the positions, which you might want to consider.

When placing the console horizontal the disc drive is quieter and there is less stress on the disc drive as when placed vertically.

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You want your PS4 to keep its cool and it does so better when placed horizontally. This is thanks to the fact that both sides of the console have an air intake.

On the downside if you place the PS4 horizontally you might notice that it will wobble slightly. However this isn’t all that big a deal though but you can stick a thin paper under the side where the Sony logo is to stop this.

When placed horizontally the PS4 takes up more space.

When placed vertically the PS4 doesn’t take up as much space.

The console does look more stylish when you place it vertically, so if you want to show off the LED lights when it is switched on, vertical is the best way to go.

On the downside there is more of a risk of the console tipping over when it is in the vertical position.

Vertically the PS4 isn’t as quiet as you can hear the fan and disc drive more when the console is reading from the disc.

The PS4 seems to get warmer in the vertical position than in the horizontal. This could be because you take out one of the air vents with the stand. You can hear the fan kicking in at high speed.

Another downside is that the stand doesn’t come with the PS4 and you have to buy it as an accessory. Protection Status