Prince of Persia: Did We Jumped The Gun

When a Reflection employee tweeted an image showing us all the past Prince of Persia game and ended it with a question mark, we all immediately assume that he was hinting that there might be a new Prince of Persia game. However, no new Prince of Persia game was announced after the tweet. Did we jump the gun?

For all we know, the tweet could be talking about the free Prince of Persia: Sand of Time game that Ubisoft offered for free last year to celebrate their anniversary. That was the only Prince of Persia news we heard all year after all.

Fans have been begging Ubisoft to come out with a new Prince of Persia game for the longest time now but so far, there have not been any indication that the franchise might be getting a new game in the near future.

There were rumors saying that Ubisoft might turn the next Prince of Persia game into a 2D game like Rayman.

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