Portal 3 Will End Up Just Like Half-Life 3

The mention of Half-Life 3 will awaken the beast inside the Half Life fans. They have been waiting for the game to arrive for years but it does not look like it is ever going to happen. The worst part is that Valve never did make it clear that no Half Life 3 was coming leaving the fans hanging.

Some people believe that the same will happen to Portal 3 as well. The end of Portal 2 clearly suggests that there is going to be a third installment as we see Chell in a field with a companion cube but so far, there have not been any indication that a new Portal game is being developed.

Valve seems to be more interested in working on their online multiplayer games right now and it does not look like they plan to go back to their older games anytime soon. Some fans were hoping that Valve would wrap it all up by coming out with a Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 game but we think even that is highly unlikely.

Should the Portal 3 fans just give up now?

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