Portal 3 Fans Will Join Half Life 3 Fans

The story of the Half-Life fans is one of the most tragic stories in gaming history. They’ve waited for years for Valve to release the third installment of the game but no Half-Life 3 ever arrive. It would have been better if Valve just made it clear that Half-Life 3 was not going to happen but they did not and now, it looks like the fans of Portal 3 will be heading down that path as well.

Fans were expecting to see a new Portal 3 game after the last game after seeing the ending of the second game but so far, there have not been any indication that the third game in being developed.

Some people believe that Valve might be working on a big new game that will combine both the Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 together but we don’t think that is going to happen as Valve seems to be more interested in developing multiplayer online games right now.

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