Portal 3: Another Half Life 3 In The Making

The Half-Life story is one of the most tragic story in the gaming universe as die-hard fans of the game were left hanging after Valve decided not to release the third installment after the incomplete ending in the second game. While Portal has not been around as long as Half-Life, fans are convinced that it will end up getting the same fate as Half-Life.

Like Half-Life, the ending of Portal 2 suggests that there might be a third installment after we saw Chell in a field with the companion cube. However, Valve themselves has never indicated that there is going to be one in the near future.

It does seem like Valve is no longer interested in creating single player games like Portal anymore as they focus on their popular multiplayer online game. Do you think Portal 3 will ever happen or do you think that it is going to be another Half-Life 3?

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