Pokemon Go: Walk Or You Won’t See Any Pokemon

The Pokemon Go craze has definitely died down but that does not mean that people have forgotten all about it. Niantics is still working on upgrading the apps and one of the latest update will stop people from driving around in search of Pokemon.

There have been a lot of reports of people getting into accidents just because they were looking down at their smartphone trying to find a Pokemon while driving. The new update will stop the app from spawning Pokemon if it detects that the user is going faster than 30mph.

This should be enough to stop people from driving recklessly around just to catch some Pokemon. Of course, these also means that the passengers won’t be able to catch Pokemon while they are in the car as well.

Whether or not these will lead to a new set of problems like people driving extremely slow to catch the Pokemon is a whole other issue.

Steven Estevez

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