Pokemon Go Update Will Stop The Vibration

The last update came with a few new changes and upgrade but it also brought in a lot of new bugs. Well, luckily for us, Niantics is ready with the next update.

While the update will not bring in any new features, it will come with a few fixes for some of the bugs that we have been having with the game. One of the issue that will be fixed is the vibration notification issue where the device will vibrate to tell players that there is something around even when there isn’t.

The update will also make the day and night mode switch more accurate as some players were reported that the game turn on the night mode even when it wasn’t time yet.

The other thing that they fix was some of the text bugs. The Pokemon Go app is currently nowhere near are popular as it was when it was first released but at least Niantics is doing something to make it right.

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