Pokemon Go: Not Everybody Is Happy

As of now, most of the region and countries have already gotten the game but not all. Some countries are still waiting for Niantics to release the game in their country and with no information from Niantics on when the app will be released, the fans are getting more and more frustrated.

Countries that are currently still waiting for the Pokemon Go to be release includes countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Nepal, China and Africa. Some of these countries and regions are not geo-block so they can still play the game if they download the apk but for those that are affected by the geo-block, there is no way they can play the game until Niantics decides to release it.

Niantics have gotten better at communicating with their fans but it would have been great if they have a date to offer these fans so that they won’t have to suffer and wait in hopes that the app might arrive every single day.

Steven Estevez

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