Pokemon Go & LG G4 Not A Good Match

With what the LG G4 has to offer, it should be able to handle apps like the new Pokemon Go without any issue but that is not the case of the some of the LG G4 users.

Some LG G4 users have been reporting that the device tends to overheat when they play the Pokemon Go app. Some of them even reported that the device would overheat to a point where the device starts giving you a warning telling you that the device is getting too hot. It could be because the app uses data and GPS at the same time.

Others also reported that they seem to have a harder time trying to catch Pokemon that are further away from the screen. Users reported that they just can’t get the Pokemon to go far even when they swipe all the way from the bottom to the top.

We do not know if these is just affected some of the LG G4 users or most of them so let us know if you too are having the same problems.

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