Recore: Keeping It Simple Or Plain Lazy?

Now that the game ReCore has been release, we are able to see and hear what the fans think of the game now and although most of the reviews have been pretty positive, it seems like some of the fans are not too impress with the weapon design.

After trying out the game, some fans have commented that they feel like the developers might have been too lazy to give them a proper weapon. The move to just colorize the attack feels very lazy. Player were hoping that the game would allow them to switch weapons for different kind of enemy instead of just changing the color.

Others, however, commented that they think the developers of ReCore did it that way so that the game is easier to understand and simpler. While you won’t be able to switch weapons, there is still a lot to think about when in combat like avoiding bullets, using the distraction tactic, charge shots and more.

Do you think they developers got lazy or are they just trying to make the game fun for all players?


Steven Estevez

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